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Freelance Copywriter

Adrian Kho

Helping engineering companies and equipment manufacturers write effective marketing materials

Adrian Kho

It’s not easy being a marketer for an engineering company.

You’re faced with tight deadlines, a limited budget, and a lack of in-house resources.

Yet you’re still expected to deliver results.

You’ve probably considered hiring an external writer to help you out…

But it’s hard finding someone who understands the technical nature of your company’s products or services.

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. 

Engineer Turned Copywriter

My name is Adrian, and I specialize in helping engineering companies and equipment manufacturers write informativeengaging, and persuasive marketing materials.

Unlike other writers out there, I actually come from an engineering background. 

I worked for three years as a Mechanical Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry where I coordinated the design of various equipment packages such as pumps, compressors, and diesel generators.

Having real world engineering experience means I’ll be able to understand how your product (or service) works no matter how technologically complex it is.

As a trained copywriter, I can then translate those complicated features into clear business benefits that resonate with both technical experts and non-technical decision makers. 

If you’re looking for a writer who combines practical industry experience with professional writing skills, I’m your guy.

Get in touch with me by clicking here.

Or, click here to learn more about why you should hire me.